ORGANIC TINCTURES -Combination Blends in 2oz or 4oz Size
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Lilian's Combination Blend Organic Tinctures
Following is a list of each organic tincture we offer. We offer them in two- and four-ounce sizes. Please select tincture and size in the drop down menus to the right. 

CLIMB ANY MOUNTAIN: Supports hiking in high altitude.

KIDNEY TONIC: Helps to improve kidney and Urinary tract functions.  

IMMUNE TONIC: Is used to prevent colds and flus. Taken on onset, will ward off illness.

HEADACHE-MIGRAINE: Is wonderful for headaches or pain anywhere in the body.

LIVER-GALLBLADDER TONIC: It can be of assistance in liver disorders and it helps to remove Gallstones and prevents their formation. Also cleanses the liver-when we keep our liver clean, our body functions better.

BLOOD TONIC: Works quickly to build blood from anemia even if cause is from radiation, also can be used in the treatment of leukemia.

GRANEL RT FORMULA: is both for prevention of and removal of kidney stones.

WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA: not only curbs appetite, but act as a diuretic, removes fat and mucous from intestines and liver.

CANCER CARE: has anti-tumor properties and is very helpful relieving pain.

SEIZURE FORMULA: does wonders for nervous system conditions such as grand mal seizures, epilepsy, and shingles.

MENOPAUSAL FORMULA: balances hormones, controls hot flashes, mood swings and insomnia.

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Organic Combination Tincture

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