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Linda’s Local Wildcrafted Mt. Shasta Flower Essences

Read about Linda Held's wildcrafted flower essences below. You can then choose the type and size you want to the right. 

PURPLE IRIS & CRISTALS: For the second Chakra, creative, powerful healing for manifesting our authenticity. The bearded Iris is the divine one helping with healing those core wounds having us function at the highest level.

ORANGE TRUMPET VINES & CRYSTALS: Moving into clear communication healing any discomfort with communication; being more articulate, lively, colorful free flowing speech, an ability to express feelings verbally, dynamisim in social situations.

CALIFORNIA POPPY & CITRINE: It is for the strength in our Spiritual Life, being able to grow in tough places, also emanating that golden ray for our higher-self abundance in all things.

WHITE ROSE & CRYSTALS:  It calls for the wisdom of the spiritual opening of love, purity, and emanates at a higher vibration with Crystal Wisdom.

PINK ROSE & AMETHYST & CRYSTALS: It brings into our life divine love, in the violet ray cutting through illusions, psychic abilities enhanced, crystal acceleration with opening to the love of the universe.

SPECIAL RED ROSE & CRYSTALS:  It heals the broken heart, opening for more passion in our lives, accelerated with crystal energy, a boost to our growing in more dynamic ways.

SHASTA LILY'S & CRYSTALS & CITRINE: It is a delicate beautiful lily grows in challenging places showing its beauty and strength while being delicate. Lily being with crystals enhances these properties and being the guardian ofMt.Shastakeeps you in contact with the powerful Mt Shasta energy.

LUPINE & AMETHYST: It is direct alignment with themountainofMt Shastagrowing in emotional strength and willingness to what ever is necessary for our spiritual growth while doing our innate work on the physical being grounded in higher consciousness. This especially powerful when used with working with groups. The flower was with a huge group of other lupines.

BUTTERCUP & CITRINE:  It is opening to the Golden Spiritual Energy in the crown with emphasis on our communication with clarity, power, and neutrality, growing in community.

VIOLETS & CRYSTALS & ROSE QUARTZ:  This is the violet flame essence adding a powerful spiritual sweetness to all things, plus rose quartz with the heart center awakening to love of the divine with crystal clarity to you and all you come in contact with.

RED WATER LOTUS: In your divine opening to the great releasing our emotions in a powerful divine way, making way for healing in direct alignment with Mount Shasta. A very powerful way to align with the Goddess within.

VETCH & SWEET PEAS: Bring to you strength and ability to work in tight places with group energy. Both are hearty energy’s making their way in places gathering more, multiplying easily into bunches. Both are purple bring in that St Germain energy with the violet flame.

MANZANITA WITH A CRYSTAL: This flower essence brings in the Great White Brotherhood of Mt Shasta, along with aligning our spiritual self in the physical world we live in. A very powerful essence was made during the time of the full moon 5-5-12 plus Tara Refuge had relics at their center, by where I gathered the pink flowers.

TIGER LILY & LILY:  This essence brings into manifestation mysticism reflects claiming your own power, enjoying the fruits of our labor with  protection and trumpeting a powerful hero’s quest towards opportunities with discipline with crystal clarity while healing the heart. 

AWAKEN NOW:  lilac, tulip, iris, columbine, bleeding heart and crystal invokes a Venus activation for the awakening of the heart love, wisdom, faith, purification, protection, courage, luck & opulence.

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Linda's Local Wildcrafted Mt. Shasta Flower Essences

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